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National Cadet Corps

The NCC Troop of Naktala High School has significant domain. It is exemplary in national as well as international levels. It was founded in 1965 with the timely enterprise of the then school committee. First officer Tarun Bikash Gupta, endeavoured our school troop to participate in many competitions and also encouraged them to win prizes. After the transfer of Mr. Gupta, Shri Shankar Chakraborty took the roll of Administration. In 1981, Shri Ratan Kumar Ghosh was influenced to train himself from coimbatore and later deputed as troop commander. Our school Cadres attend the camps in our state as well as in out-of state regularly and leaves the impression of fame. Cadet Surgeont Tarun Biswas has participated in march-pass of Republic day in Delhi. Cadet surgeont Anindya Basu was awarded the best Cadet. Our troop commander and chief officer Mr. R.K. Ghosh, won the special medal of Governor and received cash amount from Directorate. It is mandatory to mention that, he was the only second NCC officer, till date, to receive such rare fame. Many of our top Cadets have joined Air Force, Army and Police as officer. thus we really feel proud of having NCC as an integrated part of Naktala High School.



The formation of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) under the NCC Act, 1948 was a major milestone for the development of the student community. With its motto of " Unity and Discipline", the NCC has become instrumental in molding the character and imparting in our children a dynamic outlook during their school
and college education. The Corps has expanded its horizons and now aims at developing character qualities amongst cadets and making them into good leaders and useful citizens so that they can take their appropriate place in all walks of life in the service of the nation. The qualities of leadership, discipline, espirit-de-corps, courage and confidence with a secular outlook, which are the hallmarks of good and useful citizens, are inculcated in the cadets through a well conceived programme of institutional training combined with adventure sports and outdoor activities. The progress and quality of training is reviewed and changes incorporated to bring about improvements.
2. The NCC celebrated its 49th anniversary on November 23, 1997 and entered its "Golden Jubilee Year" that day. Currently the NCC's presence can be felt in most districts of the country. The total strength of NCC cadets now stands at approximately 11.6 lakhs. The wingwise distribution of the enrolled cadet strength is as follows:
Army Wing - 8,92,911
Air Wing - 65, 450
Naval Wing - 65, 050
Girl cadets(All Wings) - 1,39,957

   Training Activities


Camp Taining

(a) Annual Training Camps: During 199798,1534 Annual Training Camps were organised and 4,99,677 cadets attended the camps.
(b) National Integration Camps: During the year 40 National Integration Camps were organised at different places and 49,855 cadets from various parts of the country took part in these camps. Vayu Sainik Camp: A combined Annual Training Camp for Air Wing cadets was organised for a period of 12 days at Nadirgul, Hyderabad. 706 Air Wing Cadets from different states attended the Vayu Sainik Camp.
(d) Nau Sainik Camp: During 1997-98, the Nau Sainik Camp was held at Vishakhapatanam. 400 Naval cadets including 160 girl cadets participated in the camp.
(e) Centrally Organised Camps: 6592 cadets attended seventeen Centrally Organised Camps during 1997-98.
(f) National Integration Camp was conducted at Port Blair in Andaman Islands in February 1998 for promoting cultural awareness and closer integration between the cadets of these islands and the main land and provide valuable experience, challenge and thrill of sea voyage thus inculcating spirit of adventure and leadership qualities among them.114 cadets participated in the camp.